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Frequently Asked Questions


How long does it take to get a nanny?

It usually can take between 2 to 6 weeks to find a nanny after we receive your application. 

How many nannies do we get to interview?

As many as you want. We start off by sending two to three candidates for an interview based on what we think will be the right fit. If these do not work, we will send more as needed. 

Where do our interviews take place?

For parents, we do an initial phone interview to get all the information. Then we do an in home visit. 

For nannies, we do a phone interview and then an in person interview somewhere public. 

For the nanny and parent interview, the parent's home if everyone is comfortable with it. If not, a local Starbucks or Panera. 

We've chosen our nanny! What do we do now?

Call Quilty's and let us know who you have chosen. We will call with the job offer. After acceptance, we will sit down for the contract negotiations. 

What is a contract and why do we need one?

The contract will go over everything to make sure the nanny and parent are on the right page. The contract will go over pay, hours, benefits, job duties, and expectations. 

What happens if the placement doesn't work out?

Quilty's Quality Nannies has a guarantee: If the placement doesn't work out in the first three months, we will offer you a one-time replacement of a nanny at no additional cost.