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Services We Offer Parents



Full Time Nannies - Usually around 30+ hours a week with a set schedule. 

Part Time Nannies - Under 30 hours a week with a set schedule.

Live In Nannies - Live in your house with own separate living quarters. 

After School Nannies - Available to pick up children after school. Usually around 15-20 hours a week. 

Nanny Shares - Share a nanny with another family



Date Night Babysitter- Sitter so you can enjoy a night out kid free. Usually minimum is 4-5 hours. 

Company or Special Event Sitter - Usually requires multiple sitters for a company party or wedding

Overnight - Going on vacation? Need a few days away? Sitter can sleep over and stay 24/7

Mother's Helpers - Want to run some errands but want some help? Need to do housework, a babysitter can come help and run errands with you. Minimum is 4-5 hours.

Holiday - Sitter usually requires a 5-6 hour minimum and either time and a half or double pay. Usually on a federal holiday, but can include Valentines day and NYE. 



Summer - School is out, hire a summer nanny. Usually set hours over the summer. 

Vacation - In Orlando for vacation? Need a sitter for the week or just the night? Minimum is 4-5 hours.

Newborn Care Specialist - Specializes in newborn care. Can help when baby is born and do overnight care. Contracts usually are 8-16 weeks. 

Travel - Goes on vacation/travels with you. Must pay for their own room or have their own room in a house. Also pay for flights and meals and hourly rate. Most also charge a nightly fee. 

Services We Offer Nannies

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Job Search

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