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Quilty's Quality Nannies

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About the Owner

Hi! I'm Olivia Quilty, founder of Quilty's Quality Nannies. The inspiration I had to start this company came after 11 years of being a nanny myself. During those years I met a lot of families and started to notice just how many of them were struggling to find the perfect nanny that fit their needs and even more challenging they'd tell me was that they didn't even know where to look. Being a nanny was and still is my passion so I began creating online community's for a place where nannies alike could connect, arrange play dates, or just simply talk about things only a nanny could understand and in doing so I found that it wasn't just the families who struggled to find their perfect nanny, the nannies were having a hard time finding their perfect family as well. It was then that I realized I wanted to make a change. I wanted to change the industry for the better and in 2017 I set out to do just that. As I too am a mother, I understand the importance of finding wonderful, reliable childcare that you can trust, while also knowing that as a professional nanny there is great value in finding an equally wonderful family to work for. Quilty's Quality Nannies is the best of both worlds and because of this you'll find that the experience and expertise our nannies have simply can't be matched.

About Quilty's Quality Nannies

Finding the perfect person to care for and cherish your child is an intimate process and we strive to create the most successful match each and every time. We understand the special bond parents share with their children. We look for applicants who want to thrive along with the child they care for and we provide them with the knowledge to do so. Here at Quilty's, we understand that there is an emotional factor that comes with caring for someone else's children and while we expect that to flourish daily between nanny and child, we also regard a level of professionalism among all our employees. We want to be the support each parent looks for as we know no one is better capable than you for knowing your child's needs. Our nannies help reinforce those standards and become the parent's back up system to keep your child safe, stable and above all loved. Quilty's Quality Nannies speaks for itself with only it's name, Quality. We accept our rank among the highest quality in the business and believe you will too.